Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

To transform your company from “Good to Great” you need to be very selective in onboarding right people with right skills and right attitude. It might not always be possible to onboard such people, Xcellian can bridge this gap at optimized cost. Xcellian offers Best in Class Consultancy Services and assist you to become successful in your business. These services range from business strategy to program management

Business Strategy

Xcellian’s rich experience helps you building a business strategy for the company. Xcellian as a consultant brings a completely different and a third-party view enabling your inhouse team not to get caught in the traditional thinking and go beyond to contribute in the business growth of the company. Xcellian co-ordinates and manage the overall business strategy workshop along with your teams to come out with a growth strategy and help building annual operating plans in line with the business strategy. Xcellian also help tracking the annual operating plan throughout the year on a periodic basis.

Business Transformation

Most of the businesses are matured in their traditional businesses and their related offerings to customers making their revenues stagnant or even declining. However, they are looking at scaling up their businesses by getting into new avenues synergic to their traditional business. Xcellian provides an independent consulting on how this business transformation can be achieved.

Business Development And Sales

Driving year on year growth of the business needs a strong marketing and sales infrastructure functioning as an engine rather than person dependent. Xcellian helps you setting up a right sales processes and practises to be followed to boost sales. Xcellian can even advice you few advanced methods to drive sales appropriate for your type of customer base, products and/or services. In addition to that Xcellian can directly get involved into lead generation and front ending sales to assist your business and helping you optimize the cost of sales.

Program Management

The successful business is always powered by great program management. The programs which are complex in nature from technical, variety of stake holders involved, people and the customer standpoint need a high-quality program management function which has ability to produce best results. In the current situation, having very good program managers in the team is not very easy on account of multiple reasons. Are you facing the similar problem?
No worries, Xcellian’s highly experienced program managers will solve your problem. Xcellian brings in a rich set of program managers having a best track record of managing complex projects successfully and have ability to help your teams to make your program successful.

Product Management

Product Management is one of the most critical functions of a company. The product management function which needs to be excellent from Market and Technology point of view, has a highest contribution in the success of the product in the market and eventually RoI. Xcellian product managers are equipped with rich product management experience and advanced product management methods, help you bridging the gap in your team and thus building an efficient product management function in your company.

IoT Technology Consulting

Xcellian brings a very rich experience in developing and managing IoT solutions. You can leverage the readily available expertise to build robust IoT solutions for your customers.